Feb 7 • 1HR 15M

#60-66: This was 2021 - A Year in Review

7,5 hours recording time in 7 episodes

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2022 started - and the Podcast is in its 3rd year.

A lot has happened since the recording of the first interview at the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020.

As a result, communication in the b2b world changed and became digital. To help the LSG2G Community to stay connected, the podcast project started - with authentic audio and video content.

Did you know that approximately a third of B2B Buyers’ time is spent searching and researching content they find online to inform and support their buying decisions?

In my opinion, this is also true for all areas in the B2B value chain - a lot of time is spent finding online content to inform and support all decisions.

Amongst the content marketing trends, I believe that audio and video content leads in those searches, and part of LSG2 G's mission is to help speakers create and share authentic content.

In December 2021, the podcast host and sponsors invited speakers from previous episodes and business partners for a recap of 2021 and to give their outlook on 2022.

To make listening and navigating each episode as convenient as possible, I have put the recording live in 7 separate parts. You’ll find the Link below.

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Enjoy the show.

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We were talking about

  • The Podcast Success Story

  • Raising Funds for Digital Assets

  • Insights and Trends in Crypto Markets

  • NFT

  • The Great Resignation

  • Life Science Drug Development

  • Financial Literacy

  • What is the future of work in the new normal?

  • Supply Chain Disruption

  • Is Inflation Transitory?

  • Cybersecurity

This episode is for paid subscribers