7 Tales from 20 years of Deep Tech Life Science Venture Capital Investment

Sebastien Groyer - A Venture Capitalist turned Serial Entrepreneur

In 16 years of supporting life science companies in raising capital and structuring deals with the pharma industry, I never felt that venture capital exists in abundance on the European market.

It always looked to me that the market is very VC-friendly on the European stage - plenty of teams and technology meet with a scarcity of available funds.

This was the reason to start the LSG2G Lunch MeetUps in June 2017. I remember our first meetup with 15 Life Science Enthusiasts like Pharma Business Developer, Life Science Investors, Life Science Entrepreneurs, and Service Partners. We discussed the state of Investments in Biotech in Europe.

As the first meetup was well received, the LSG2G Partners organized one every three months, an investment conference, and during the pandemic, created a podcast.

Availability of Venture Capital in Europe

According to Dealroom.co 2017, the transaction volume in life science companies in 2017 was about 3,7 billion euros.

In 2020 investments increased to 6 billion Euros, which was already achieved by July this year. It looks promising to see investments double in the last four years since we started the LSG2G initiative.

Sebastien Groyer - 20 Years Experience in Life Science Venture Investments

So far, to the analytics of Venture Investments in Biotech in Europe. Numbers are fine but leave a few important questions open.

  • Who are the people behind those numbers?

  • What stories did they write in their career?

  • What lessons did they learn in the world of VC Investments?

Business is always done between people, and I believe sharing stories helps to understand how an industry works and how deep tech can be transformed into products that help the patients.

I am delighted to welcome to this episode Sebastien Groyer who brings 20 years of profound investment expertise to the conversation table. In this episode, he will share

7 Tales from 20 Years of Deep Tech Life Science Investments

and also will tell why he turned into a serial entrepreneur in 2021.

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It was great fun to talk with Walter Stockinger, Co-Founder of Hadean Ventures, about the topic of Life Science Investments.

We covered the following questions:

  • How do Venture Funds operate?

  • What do you need to know about approaching VCs?

  • What is the purpose of a VC?

  • Why are exits necessary for VCs?

  • And what exit strategies are relevant?

  • Why do VCs raise money, and from whom?

Use the opportunity to get your answer directly from a VC.


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