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Navigating the New Era of European Innovation with David Dana

Don't Miss This: Europe's Tech Rise + EIB Venture Debt at Bio Europe

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Dear Subscriber,

Are you plugged into the exciting growth and innovation within the European tech landscape? If so, I've got some valuable resources for you!

New Podcast: Europe's Tech Future with David Dana

In my latest podcast episode, I sit down with Head of Venture Capital Investments at the European Investment Fund (EIF), David Dana. We dive deep into Europe's tech evolution, investment strategies, and game-changing technologies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Europe's growing power in global tech

  • Embracing risk for high returns

  • The quantum computing revolution

Listen Now: Europe's Tech Transformation: David Dana's Vision for the Future: [link to the podcast episode]

Meet Me at Bio Europe!

Want more on European tech financing? Mark your calendar. I'll be moderating a powerhouse panel on venture debt at Bio Europe in Barcelona:

  • EIB Venture Debt and its Catalytic Role in the Venture Financing Ecosystem

  • Date: Mar 19, 2024

  • Time: 10:30-11:00 AM

  • Location: Exhibit Hall Stage

  • More Info: [Bio Europe Event link]

Venture Debt + VC: Unlocking Growth

In a recent conversation with David Dana, we touched on how alternative financing instruments like venture debt are helping propel Europe's tech success. If you're a founder or a VC, you won't want to miss this inside look at the role of the European Investment Bank.

Prepare for the Panel

Get a head start by listening to my podcast with David Dana and explore the EIB's venture debt initiatives. Search online for more information!

I'm pumped to connect with you at Bio Europe!

Best regards,

Christian Soschner


(00:06:42) "Europe has a role to play in the global market."

(00:27:34) "If you don't take the risk, you will not get the rewards."

(00:34:50) "Quantum technologies are at the beginning of something potentially huge."

(00:46:25) "Opening to other shareholders helps to value and support the ecosystem more effectively."

(01:04:16) "We need to generate returns; it's not just about deploying, it's about investing."

(01:20:30) “Europe has the capacity, knowledge, and brains to innovate and change the world.”

(01:27:51) "We need to empower others by trusting them, giving them autonomy and responsibility."


(00:03:00) Discovering the European Investment Fund: David Dana's Journey

(00:06:10) The Evolution of the European Tech Market: Insights from David Dana

(00:17:46) Navigating Risk in Alternative Investments: David Dana's Perspective

(00:21:05) The Exit Market Challenge: Europe vs. US in Venture Capital

(00:31:45) Cultural Shift for European Innovation: Breaking National Barriers

(00:34:50) Quantum Technologies: The Potential for Revolutionary Impact

(00:45:50) Early Stage Funding and Tech Transfer in Europe: Challenges and Opportunities

(00:48:32) Balancing Global Expansion and European Growth: Strategies for Tech Companies

(00:59:30) Convincing Success: The Key to Gaining EIF Support

(01:06:11) Navigating the Investment Process: EIF's Rigorous Due Diligence Approach

(01:12:50) EIF's Rigorous Investment Process: Ensuring Quality and Due Diligence

(01:24:32) Evolving Role of EIF: Focusing on Specialized Strategies in Europe

(01:25:31) Empowering Teams for Decision-Making

(01:38:15) Navigating Investment Successes and Failures

(01:40:17) Confronting the Future with a Brave Initiative

(01:50:19) Fostering a Supportive Ecosystem for Innovation

Thanks, David Dana

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Book Pick of the Week

Everyone's talking about the legendary tech titans like Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk. But sometimes, the greatest success stories emerge from the shadows.

After Steve Jobs' passing, Tim Cook took the helm of Apple. Many questioned if the company could thrive without its iconic founder, but Cook has proven to be a visionary leader with a unique style. If you're fascinated by entrepreneurship, investing, and the potential to drive tech giants to even greater heights, you won't want to miss my upcoming book review.

Coming Soon on the Podcast: In-Depth Look at "Tim Cook: The Genius Who Took Apple to the Next Level"

Last time, we dove into "The Power Law" by Sebastian Mallaby, uncovering the DNA of venture capital and the masterminds shaping our tech-driven world. If that sparked your interest, I've got the perfect follow-up!

I'm excited to share insights from Leander Kahney's biography of Tim Cook. Kahney, a seasoned Apple expert and author, offers a rare glimpse into Cook's leadership style. We'll explore:

  • Cook's background and how it shaped his approach

  • The key decisions that propelled Apple's massive growth

  • Lessons in leadership, strategy, and innovation applicable beyond Apple

This book ties in perfectly with our theme of calculated risk-taking for European tech innovation. Stay tuned for my full review after Bio Europe!

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Quote for this week

"The biggest risk is not taking any risk... In a world that's changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks."

– Mark Zuckerberg

Why It's Time to Start Embracing Taking Risks - Marketing, content, &  technology to help printers sell more printing

Zuckerberg's words hit the mark this week as we delve into the power of calculated risk for European tech innovation. It's a central theme in my conversation with David Dana of the EIF. Taking smart risks, backed by strategic financing, is the key to unlocking Europe's tech potential.

Let's unpack this idea further:

  • Embracing risk as the fuel for breakthroughs: Zuckerberg's quote reinforces Dana's message that Europe must embrace risk-taking to become a global tech leader.

  • Calculated risks, not reckless bets: This isn't about blind leaps – our newsletter and my interview with Dana explore how instruments like Venture Capital and venture debt support intelligent risk-taking.

  • Connecting to Bio Europe: This calculated risk-taking is exactly what we'll be discussing at my Bio Europe panel. We'll look at how venture capital and the EIB's venture debt initiatives help European tech companies make the bold moves needed for success.

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