The Future of Life Science Entrepreneurship and Investment in Europe

Invitation to a conversation with Peter Llewellyn-Davies

Entrepreneurship has shaped the last 30 years of our society:

  • Facebook redefined the way people communicate globally at zero expenses

  • Apple redefined the Music Industry and created digital assistants with tablets and phones that store all books, magazines, mails, pictures, and favorite music in one place.

  • Biontech has invented the solution for the novel Coronavirus has issued an excellent report about

A UiPath to success: Central and Eastern European startups coming of age

Usually, as it is the nature of reports, they are tech-heavy and usually focused on other tech areas than life science.

Let's shine more light on the coming of age of the European life science industry.

I am interested in the unique personal perspective on entrepreneurship in life science from experts in our community.

Speaker in this Episode:

Peter Llewellyn-Davies, CEO at Apeiron Biologics and President at Biotech Austria.

Peter has more than 25 years of professional experience as a Board member of companies such as Medigene AG, Shield Therapeutics plc, WILEX AG, Immunocore ltd. and Catherex Inc., as well as Advisory roles in companies to execute exit strategies such as Suppremol GmbH, CoreOptics GmbH, and Setron GmbH. Peter joined APEIRON Biologics in 2017.

In this recording, we will talk about the European life-science eco-system with a special focus on Biotech in Austria.

Questions we will discuss:

  • A personal view on the History of Life Science in Europe

  • Successes from Biotech Austria

  • The Future - Where is Room for Improvement in Europe in the Life Science Industry?

  • Insights into Biotech Austria

  • And much more…

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In light of the pandemic, the Life Science Industry is changing. One of the positive developments: The industry is moving faster. The necessity of developing diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines against this novel viral threat quickly generates a steep learning curve for all of us.

In this episode, I am talking with Peter Llewellyn-Davies, CEO of Apeiron Biologics, about how he and his team have set up a clinical phase 2 trial and a 40 million Euro financing round in less than eight weeks.

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