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Together with business partners like Kathrin Szimak, Albert Missbichler, and Fabian Strüngmann, I started LSG2G as a platform to raise awareness for the importance of deep tech entrepreneurship and investing back in 2017.

During the pandemic, I pivoted the event series to a newsletter and a podcast, increasing the reach of our cause.

Rooted in my 35+ years of experience as an executive, coach, and advisor, I aim to empower you via my newsletter and podcast with the wisdom and strategies that can only come from decades of hands-on involvement.

I have been instrumental in growing public companies with M&A activities, building startups from the ground up to IPO readiness, and helping some funds raise capital from LPs.

In this newsletter, I share my insights into economics and business management conversations from my podcast with world-class entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders, and I share books and video tips that help you move your visions forward.

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Every month:

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