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#109: Revolutionizing Drug Discovery: Unlock the Secrets to Tackling Complex Disease

#109: Revolutionizing Drug Discovery: Unlock the Secrets to Tackling Complex Disease

A podcast episode with Philipp Baaske, CEO of Nanotemper
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Empowering life science entrepreneurs and investors by making the invisible visible to drugging the undruggable.

Dear LSG2G Community,

Discover the powerful solution to a pressing problem in the pharma industry with Philipp Baaske, Co-founder and CEO of NanoTemper Technologies, in our latest podcast episode.

The industry faces the daunting task of developing effective treatments for complex diseases. Enter NanoTemper Technologies, the game-changer making the invisible visible and enabling scientists to drug the undruggable. Join us as we explore the inspiring story of this innovative company, which defied the odds during the 2008 financial crisis to achieve global success.

Philipp Baaske, an accomplished entrepreneur recognized as one of Germany’s most promising talents under 40, leads the charge with his company’s mission: creating a world where every disease is treatable. Through cutting-edge biophysical and AI-based tools, NanoTemper Technologies empowers scientists to combat diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s, making a significant impact on the global pursuit of treatable diseases.

In this riveting conversation, you’ll uncover:

  • How NanoTemper Technologies overcame the challenges of starting a company during a financial crisis.

  • The secrets behind managing a global team, fostering trust, embracing diversity, and encouraging decentralized decision-making.

  • Striking the right balance between product-market fit, funding, and finding customers.

  • Pursuing new pathways for cancer treatment and bouncing back from setbacks in drug discovery.

  • The importance of embracing the emotional side of leadership and nurturing a culture of innovation.

You won’t want to miss these thought-provoking quotes:

(19:08) “I think this is an important part not micromanaging your team to create a larger entity.”

(27:11) “German engineering and West Coast marketing… we don’t think about who is better than the other, you think where’s the strengths, and then we combine it and make something great from it.”

(36:08) “You have to take the hard decisions… But when you try something, you have to fully try it, not just a little bit. It’s full focus on the one thing, really push it.”

(40:18) “First of all, I disagree with Steve Jobs, it’s important to talk with customers about their problems, but it’s really about the problem, not talking about a technical solution.”

(1:19:31) “I strongly believe that every disease is treatable.”

Dive into the inspiring story of NanoTemper Technologies and the pioneering work of Philipp Baaske in our latest podcast episode. Don’t miss the chance to learn how they’re transforming the battle against complex diseases with their groundbreaking approach to make the invisible visible and drug the undruggable.

Best regards,


3 Key Takeaways from the Episode:

  1. Embrace diversity and decentralized decision-making: Philipp Baaske emphasizes the importance of building trust within a global team, promoting diversity, and allowing for decentralized decision-making. This approach fosters a healthy work environment, drives innovation, and leads to better overall performance.

  2. Focus on customer problems, not just technical solutions: Baaske believes that it is crucial to engage with customers to understand their problems, instead of solely focusing on technical solutions. By addressing the underlying issues faced by customers, companies can create products and services that truly meet their needs and drive success in the market.

  3. Maintain innovation while scaling a company: As a company grows, it's essential to preserve the spirit of innovation that initially fueled its success. Baaske shares insights on how to strike a balance between expanding a business and nurturing the innovative culture that fosters creativity and drives progress.


(00:00) Introduction
(02:30) The Impact of SVP Bankruptcy on Entrepreneurship
(06:41) The Importance of Proper Risk Management
(09:51) Absolute Focus on the Things You Can Influence
(12:05) Managing a Global Team: Trust, diversity, and decentralized decision-making 
(14:56) Trusting the Best People
(17:01) Hiring with Gut Feeling and CV-Application Letter Match
(20:32) Marketing and Cultural Diversity
(28:43) The Importance of Product-Market Fit Over Funding and Investors
(29:12) Finding Customers vs Finding Investors
(33:43) Milestones and Helping Customers
(38:00) Talking to Customers About Their Problems
(40:06) Identifying Markets and Competitors
(42:56) Unlocking New Cancer Treatment Pathways
(45:26) Overcoming Failure in Startups and Drug Discovery
(48:49) Breaking Out of Confinement and Pursuing Goals
(56:37) Impact of Upbringing on Entrepreneurial Spirit
(57:33) Stop complaining, start improving: lessons from Vienna
(01:00:04) Curiosity-driven education: finding a passion for physics
(01:03:21) Experimenting in microgravity: sending projects to the ISS
(01:14:20) Startup advice: focus on sales and steady growth
(01:12:39) Overcoming adversity: believing in our technology
(01:15:31) The potential of every disease being treatable
(01:18:22) The impact of smoking on cancer risk
(01:23:17) Leadership lessons: walking the talk and starting with yourself
(01:26:35) Emotional Side of Leadership: How Emotions Drive Success
(01:28:57) Balancing Kindness and Assertiveness in Leadership
(01:31:49) Fostering Trust and Transparency in the Workplace
(01:35:35) Maintaining the Spirit of Innovation While Scaling a Company
(01:41:04) Struggles and Support from Business Angel Experience
(01:42:13) Learning as a Business Angel: Insights and Expectations
(01:45:01) The Impact of Toxic Behavior on Company Growth
(01:48:56) Defining the Role of Business Angels in Startups
(01:55:09) Balancing Executive and Investor role

Thanks, Philipp Baaske

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