Dec 26, 2021 • 1HR 20M

#59: A Perspective on The Life-Science-Eco-System in the US and Europe

A Conversation with Sascha Berger, Partner at TVM Capital

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Christian Soschner
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In the last twenty years, major disrupting business models evolved from the Silicon Valley area on the West Coast of the United States in Tech.

Similar developments happened in the area of Boston in the Life Sciences.

When I look at the development in Europe, it seems that significant success stories similar to CRISPR Therapeutics, Hookipa Biopharma or Biontech move to the United States once the organizations are ready for an Initial Public Offering.

In their latest Biotech report, McKinsey stated that Europe lacks behind the US and China when it comes to translating science into business.

To get an insight view on the development of the Life Science Industry in Europe and the United States, I invited Sascha Berger to this Podcast episode.

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