Jun 26, 2022 • 1HR 30M

#69: Prof. Collin Ewald - Molecular Mechanisms of Healthy Ageing

A conversation with Prof. Collin Ewald, ETH Zurich

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Christian Soschner
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“If long life is what we all live for…” Prince sang in his song Money don’t matter tonight.

A couple of years ago, in the 90s of the last century, it was challenging to find reliable information on longevity since it wasn’t an area of big interest in science and business.

Meanwhile, longevity has created its scientific community, and investors have started putting capital into that area, making it a business that develops services and products to help people optimize their health.

Science shows that people can do much to increase their healthy Lifespan.

In this episode, I talked in December 2021  with Prof. Collin Ewald, ETH Zürich, about his longevity research and the future impact on the pharma industry.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • What is the role of the extracellular matrix during aging and longevity?

  •  Where is currently the innovation for longevity drug discoveries done?

  •  What aging research is going on?

  • The Swiss Society of Ageing and Longevity Research

  •  And much more…

Who is the expert in the show?

Prof. Ewald is Head of the Extracellular Matrix Regeneration Laboratory, Department of Health Sciences and Technology.

Collin is interested in the molecular biology of healthy aging and age-related pathologies.

He is the founder and currently the president of the Swiss Society for Aging Research (www.ssfar.ch). He is named among the top 1000 Longevity Leaders worldwide and the top 15 Longevity Influencers in Switzerland. He has received multiple awards, including NYAS Future Entrepreneur, recognized by the New York Academy of Sciences.

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